Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moths and Yarn...

...but not in a bad way.

This beautiful moth stopped by for a late afternoon respite. She graciously spread her wings for me to see.

I looked her up online, and think that she was an Io moth. She didn't open up her wings all the way, then - there were wings underneath with eyespots on them. She must have had them shut tight against the bright sun, because Io moths are nocturnal, only flying about during the first few hours after nightfall.

Miss Io reminded me of a yarn that has been in my stash for years - Dolcetto (of blessed memory) from the JoAnn's Sensations Bellezza Collection. I have lots of of it, in a variety of colors resembling a roll of Sweet Tarts.

The yarn feels as soft as the moth looked, and I think she would love a blanket made of it if she didn't already have such a lovely coat of fuzz.


Julie Nolte Owen said...

Beautiful colors and photos. I guess y'all are back in town now?

Mom said...

Lovely moth, lovely yarn- the moth has made her journey, but what will the yarn become?