Friday, August 14, 2009

Four Ninths

I'm still creeping along with my log cabin blanket, and even though I'm not quite half way through with knitting squares, I think I've reached a milestone. I've finished enough squares (sixteen of thirty-six) to start playing with patterns!

At the start I thought I would be laying out the squares in diamonds. But should the blue be the background? Or the brown?

With a few turns of a few squares, though, we could have stripes.

And turning them all in the same direction creates a flying geese pattern.

I'm sure there are other possibilities as well... It is amazing how different the same little collection of squares can look simply by turning them this way and that. I suppose lots of things in life can look different when we turn them this way and that, when we find new angles and shapes and patterns...


Julie Nolte Owen said...

I love it! All of the combinations!

Mom said...

So far, my vote goes to layout #4- but all are wonderful!