Sunday, August 29, 2010


According to Presbyterian pastor Frederich Buechner, vocation is "where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet."  If that is so, then I've found the perfect project for this purling preacher... May I present to you, the knitted clerical collar by Naomi Miller!

A friend emailed me the pattern and gifted me a hank of creamy linen yarn from her stash so that I could give it a go!  I'm not sure if it really looks all that much cooler than the plastic version I've worn for the past six+ years, but it's so fun I just have to give it a try!  Of all things, one of my plastic clerical collars split down the middle the day after this pattern arrived in my inbox...

It's not so bad to wear one of these (it is kinda silly to say "clericool" though) - they're less uncomfortable than they might seem.  The really challenging part, to be honest, is designing the rest of your wardrobe around them.  Is it okay for women clergy to dress like, well, women?  Or should we stick to suits and jumpers?  I prefer a style that's classic and simple and feminine - if I had a million dollars I would shop exclusively from JJill (heavily supplemented with hand-knits, of course!).  Here's some of the best I've been able to do...

I absolutely love PeaceBang's Beauty Tips for Ministers, and check regularly to be sure I'm fighting frump, showing poise and decorum, and faithfully representing my vocation.  She writes, "This is the gospel of Beauty Tips for Ministers: if clergypeople believe religious life is vital, relevant and beautiful, they should look the part."  Of course it's not about the clothes, but with a hearty dose of humor, PeaceBang (herself a minister) gives thoughtful and tasteful permission to enjoy prettiness and a little femininity.

Time to work on my vocation (I'll let you decide whether that means I'm knitting or writing a sermon)!