Thursday, September 15, 2011

On the Road Again...

Momma J and I are back on the road, heading with my mom to Little Switzerland, NC, for the Spartanburg Knitting Guild's annual Knit-a-Way Retreat!  Two and a half days of knitting, mountains, mom and me!  And a bunch of other amazing, talented, funny, generous knitters...

This is my third year to go to the Knit-a-Way at the Big Lynn Lodge.  I can't wait to see our little cabin with rocking chairs on the porch, to taste the hot oatmeal in the morning and the delicious homemade desserts after dinner, to hear the sound of knitting needles clicking away, and to feel to cool mountain air.

Last year the workshops I signed up for were canceled because the instructor was sick.  That was okay, though, because I had hauled some preaching work up the mountain and spent several lovely late afternoon hours on that front porch reading and writing.

Mom and I took a side trip to Mountain Farm, an organic lavender and blueberry farm.  They also raise sheep, goats, chickens, and fluffy bunnies.  Everything was out of season, but it was still just beautiful, especially in the lavender labyrinth.

In a little shop between the lavender and blueberries, they sell soaps and teas and sachets filled with lavender, and when its warm out they provide ice cold lavender lemonade (it was chilly when we were there).  They also send fleeces from their goats and sheep and bunnies out to be processed and spun into yarn.  

I didn't get much knitting or purling done last year, what with all the preaching I had to do.  But I loved being at the Knit-a-Way all the same.  This year my bag is full of needles and yarn - no books or Bibles or commentaries!  Just tuck me away on a porch, spread out a mountainview in front of me, and let me start knitting!

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Cathy said...

Wonderful and serene memories and photos of our delightful weekend Knitting Away last year...can't wait to experience your post of Knitting Away this year!