Friday, July 01, 2011

What I Did, Day Four...

Some summers we are nearly done with vacation before we get to the end of The List of everything we want to do.  Other summers we get through most of The List early on and just turn lazy for a while.  This is one of those vacations.

On Day Four we went back to Flat Rocks.  This time we walked a trail on the side of the falls we don't know as well.

Oh, ice cream is definitely on The List.  Chocolate for the grandson, chocolate raspberry for the grandmother, and birthday cake (complete with chunks of blue frosting and rainbow sprinkles) for the mom taking the picture.

Late in the afternoon we went to Hatcher Gardens.  Once upon a time it was simply a wooded backyard full of gullies and streams and garbage.  But the elderly couple living there saw its potential and began cleaning and digging and planting.  One flower, one pond, one sapling at a time, and with the help of local garden clubs, the garden grew and quietly attracted visitors seeking sanctuary along its shaded trails.  When the Hatchers died, Mr. Hatcher at the age of 96, the gardens were given to the city and are now a woodland preserve.  Signs along the trails teach about the many things growing there, and benches along the way invite visitors to stay as long as they desire.

There was knitting between all the hiking and ice-cream eating...but mostly there was just being lazy!

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Cathy said...

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Lazy. What a wonderful year! Your photos are wonderful!!