Friday, December 31, 2010

On the Seventh Day of Christmas...

We rang in the new year a little early this evening at the home of one of my husband's parishioners.  Back home, and up much later than I intended to be, I'm listening to an odd combination of fireworks and rain and thunder.  Mother Nature is ringing in the new year, too...

I don't have resolutions yet, but think that I would like to make some.  I would like to remember people's birthdays and anniversaries.  I would like to try some new recipes.  I would like to finally paint the bathrooms and the kitchen.  I would like to be more patient and take deeper breaths and read a few more books.  I would like to knit a sweater.

For now, I resolve to enjoy this last weekend of my break, and to remember that it is still Christmas!  (I found that having a candy cane today helped tremendously...may need to try it again tomorrow!)

A Collect for the New Year, by Josh Thomas
Holy God, you have brought us in wholeness to a new year: Make us aware of the needs of others, determined in our efforts to meet both their needs and ours, and joyful in our gratitude for all that we have; that the passing of time may bring us ever closer to you in this life, even as we look forward to your nearness in the life to come, with Jesus Christ our Savior and your Spirit of blessedness and peace.  Amen.

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