Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There's Pansies

I had never given much thought to pansies.  Someone suggested they would add color to my yard through the winter, so I planted them.  Now I cannot imagine my garden without them, and dread the day summer demands they retire.

The heart-shape of pansies and their petals once led people to believe a pansy could cure a broken heart, giving the flower the nickname Heart's Ease. They also stood for pensiveness, especially if one is thinking about a true love, because their little faces resemble the face of a person deep in thought.

Heart's ease! One could look for half a day
Upon this flower and shape in fancy out
Full twenty different tales of love and sorrow
That gave this gentle name.  Mary Howitt

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Cathy said...

Beautiful photos, Jennifer! Mamama had a garden full of pansies when I was little. When I wasn't talking to their little faces about all sorts of secret things, I would imagine them as ballerinas, twirling in their tutus around the garden borders. Thanks for the memories!