Saturday, March 20, 2010

Noticing Purple

My big daffodil and the smaller ones are still yellow and sunny, but starting to fade just as other colors are beginning to fill the yard with spring.  I was especially struck by the number of purple-y things that are growing.

Okay, the wisteria isn't purple yet, but will be soon!

These berries were bright green all winter, and are just now starting to turn.  The birds are as interested in watching them as I am!

An iris adopted from the school yard (since taking this picture yesterday, I'm thinking it may turn out to be more white than purple).

I had given up on my pansies, but they're back for an encore performance!  Someone's been enjoying the lighter purple one, and I didn't notice the little visitor below the petals until I cropped the picture.

A tiny violet is growing and gathering friends at the edge of the driveway.

These little weeds dotted our yard (until a few hours ago, when I mowed for the first of a billion times between now and next winter).  I do not say this about many growing things, but I hate the little white flowers underneath the purple ones.  They look dainty and sweet but in reality are monstrous devourers of the grass in my yard.  The battle is on.

The tulip tree, nearly taken out by the tornado two years ago, is filled with blossoms.

Of course, later this spring and early summer, I'll be planting heather and lavender again, and every once in a while something like a little shamrock blooms purple at our front door.  I've never really thought of purple being a favorite color of mine, but there sure is lots of it growing in my yard!

A google search for poems about purple turned up all sorts of references to Prince and old women and God's desire that we notice purple fields...and this little invitation to write one's own poem using one's senses.  What a lovely idea in this new season of spring, so delightful to our winter-weariness from months of cold, brown, drab... Here's my attempt:

Purple looks like...shade on a hot summer day
Purple sounds invitingly deep sigh
Purple tastes like...freshness
Purple smells like...lavender-infused chocolate
Purple feels like...a thin place

What would your poem be?

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Cathy said...

Thank you for your beautiful inspiration! Here's my feeble five minute attempt:

P ausing for Lenten reflection
U niting for red and blue
R esting for a lavender pillow
P laying for a purple cow
L onging for lavender socks
E ating grapes for joy