Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Venite adoremus

Today the first graders wore pajamas for their Polar Express party.  The three- and four-year-olds rehearsed their Christmas songs for tomorrow's chapel service.  I saw fourth graders in Santa hats and elf ears.  There were Christmas cookies in the Commons.

Advent ends early for me, because I will not see my faith community again until the new year.  There will be a baby in the manger tomorrow, and the children dressed as Mary and Joseph will hold him tenderly.  Gifts will be exchanged and candy canes will make sweet little fingers sticky.  It will be strange to return to Advent come Friday afternoon.

How lovely to think, though, that Jesus will come again so very soon, that the stable and the world will be filled with light and Love Come Down both tomorrow and again a week from tomorrow.  Usually I have to wait an entire year for Christmas to come round, for Emmanuel, God-with-us, to be with us.

Come, Lord Jesus, come, Lord Jesus, amen, come Lord Jesus... Oh, come quickly, come, Lord Jesus... the children will sing in chapel.  And humbly, I realize that Jesus will indeed come.  Not because Mary and Joseph will carry him down the aisle and hold him while we hear lessons and sing carols.  Not because it's Christmas.  Jesus will come because that is who he is.  He will come tomorrow, and again a week from tomorrow, and on every day in between, and on every day after...calling us to quickly come and follow.  O come, let us adore him...

Artwork: "Nativity Silhouette," by Gail Bartel.

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Mom said...

The Head Librarian sent out a winter weather warning memo yesterday. At the end of it, he suggested we all put a spoon under our pillows and wear our pj's inside out if we wanted it to snow. I forgot until this morning. It did not snow. It probably would not have snowed anyway. I'm glad that even when we "forget" to pray, Jesus comes anyway! Thanks for the reminder.