Sunday, October 25, 2009

Worm Town

Warning: This blog post has received a rating of S (Squirmy). Not appropriate for adults or children who can't handle pictures of worms. And roly-poly's. And snails. And centipede-like-things.

We've been working out in the yard for the last couple of weekends, pulling up summer things, planting fall and winter things, cutting the grass (hoping that soon will be the last time for the season!). Digging in the dirt, we found roots and old leaves and twigs and...worms! Lots and lots of worms!

When I was little, I used to make caterpillar towns in the wheelbarrow at my grandparents' house. I filled the wheelbarrow with dirt and moss and leaves and then collected all the caterpillars I could find and moved them all in. It's a little smaller, and a little muddier, and a whole lot slimier, but welcome to...

Worm Town!

Little Charlie and I collected all the earthworms we could find, and then started adding other creepy crawly things, too. Some with lots of legs, some with no legs at all. There were several little snails, one of which made its own impressive, if lengthy, move out of Worm Town.

I did see several spiders over the course of the afternoon. And last weekend, when we first started seeing so many worms in our yard, I also saw something wormy in a reptilian way. Yikes. She was small, but still don't tell Little Charlie. In any case, today I felt perfectly safe because watching over the whole operation were two of the Republic's finest.

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Mom said...

I LOL'd!! I can only imagine the facial expressions of the "Republic's Finest" when they found out the were pulling worm duty!! Lowly Worm would appreciate all the company...

love 'ya!