Sunday, May 01, 2011

All God's Critters Got a Hat

The song actually goes, "All God's critters got a place in the choir, some sing lower, some sing higher..." and the children's choir at St. Andrew's sang it this morning as part of the annual Youth Sunday service.  And of course it was adorable as they sang and clapped their hands and shook their paws and flapped their wings.  All these critters - well, children, but is there really that big a difference? - also had a hat.

The choir director enlisted the help of various knitters and crocheters to create a zoo's worth of animal hats for the children to wear.  Most were crocheted, and were absolutely precious!

My son got to be a lion.  There was a tiger, too.  And a bunny, a dog, a cat, a chick, a duck, a horse, a reindeer, a ladybug...all God's critters were there!

I tried to crochet a cat hat, and while I know the very, very basics of crochet, I quickly realized I didn't know enough to make a hat.  I chained and joined and crocheted the first round, but after that I kept losing my place in the stitches.  It was fun to try, though, and I'd love to get better at crochet.

I ended up knitting two hats - a cat and a polar bear.  The knit patterns came from The Hat Menagerie on Etsy, which included patterns for a lion, a bear, and a frog.  I'm not sure where the crochet patterns came from.

These were my first hats to be seen in public (the only other one I've done hasn't been outside my front yard).  They were fun and quick, and a great stash buster!


Cathy said...

Adorable- I especially like the cat's whiskers! I wish I could have seen the Youth Choir in person! Did the kids keep their hats?

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Oh, SO CUTE -- what a great idea. Did the kids get to keep the hats? You did a great job on yours and those crochet hats almost make me want to learn to crochet. Super cute!