Friday, April 30, 2010

Day Five: Here and There

For Day Five of Knit and Crochet Blog Week, we're writing about where we like to indulge in our craft.  Those are Eskimimi's words, and they're perfect - most of the time, when I'm knitting it feels indulgent, because I know there are so many other things I probably ought to be doing.  You know, like cleaning the house, mowing the grass, doing the laundry, writing a sermon, earning a living...

Actually, most of my knitting happens away from home, in moments I steal borrow gratefully accept as opportunities to indulge just a little.  In fact, even as I start typing this post, I'm contemplating whether it would be acceptable to bring my knitting to tonight's PTA meeting at my son's school.  (**Update: I decided it was an opportunity to gratefully accept, and stuffed my knitting in my purse.)  I do have a sort of "knitting central" at home where my stash lives in a stack of sterilite bins and my knitting books inhabit a shelf along with theology books and preaching guides and an assortment of books-you-just-can't-ever-bring-yourself-to-throw-away-because-they're-classics-or-unread (still)-or-funny-or-gifts.

I rarely ever knit in that room, though.  Where do I knit?  Here are a few of the gratefully accepted gifts of moments (and their accompanying places) when I indulge:

1.  Taekwondo practice.  It keeps me from watching and worrying about my son as he swings and kicks.  His teacher has told me I don't need to learn taekwondo because I carry around such pointy sticks.

2.  Piano lessons.  My son's piano teacher is a knitter, too, and we ooo and ahh over projects before the lesson begins.

3.  The carpool line.  This only works for a few months out of the year, though.  In Mississippi we have fall, winter, and hot.

4.  On the sofa while Glee is on.  (sing song voice) Love it!

5.  With friends, or with my mom, wherever we happen to be.

6.  At church.  I've actually preached about sock knitting once, and several times about sheep.  I don't knit in the pulpit (although, heaven help me, I've sometimes wished I had my knitting while listening to a sermon every now and then), but I love knitting in the empty church between services.  So peaceful and still...

7.  During story time.  We take turns reading aloud with our son most nights - right now we're cheering Harry on as he competes in the Triwizard Tournament.  On the nights when my husband is the designated reader, I gratefully accept the gift to indulge in knitting while we indulge in family time.

8.  At work.  Yes, at work!  I figured that since I learned to play with needles and yarn at a church, that was justification enough to start a knitting club at school.  And of course that club would need a sponsor...  We meet every other week, and I am amazed at how quickly and eagerly these students have learned to indulge!  Right now we're working on Warm-Up America squares and Duduza dolls.

Should any other occasion or location arise, I will gratefully accept the opportunity to indulge in knitting!

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Cathy said...

Here, there, and everywhere- you've got your knitting venues down pat! I've enjoyed indulging in the journey through your knitting world this week. Thanks for sharing!