Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

The alarm was set to go off in time for me to check the news and see if school was cancelled so we could sleep in... Two minutes before it was scheduled to sound, though, the sudden quiet of the power going out woke us all up.  Since my inservice day had already been called off, I had actually planned to get up early and start the morning with a cup of coffee and a book and the silent fall of snow.  Instead, we all got up early and started the morning in the cold and candle-lit dark as we watched the snow drift down's the impossible part...not melt!

When it was finally light enough, Little Charlie and I went outside.  I wore my new hat!  The snow was just right for catching on the tongue and making snowballs that exploded into puffs of white when they struck the coats of giggling and delighted moms and little boys!

A neighbor told us she had heard that the power wouldn't be back on until Saturday.  By mid-morning, though, when we went outside again, resigned to the reality that we'd be cold whether we were inside or out, we saw this.

We had pancakes and hot chocolate for lunch!  The afternoon was spent outside again, playing with neighbors and pets as the snowflakes finally grew fewer and further between, and the above freezing temperatures were melting the snow.

Back inside, inspired perhaps by the wisdom of filling your lap with wool on a cold and snowy day, a new knitter was hard at work!  The sun came out by late afternoon, a beautiful end to a beautiful day!


Cathy said...

Wow! Wonderful pictures of the new snow, the new hat, and the new knitter!

Julie Nolte Owen said...

I love the story of your day. Your hat looks like it fits, and I'm wondering what the new knitter is making? I love the photo of the cat looking out the window.

Jim Melnyk said...

Hey Jen, great snow shots!