Friday, June 05, 2009

Market Research

I like to think that I'm wise to the ways of advertisers.  That I can appreciate a good commercial for its cleverness or creativity alone, without succumbing to a sudden urge to purchase whatever it is the commercial is trying sell me.

(Those are dishcloths knit from Peaches 'n Cream in a variety of patterns, including the ballband of Mason-Dixon knitting fame and a nine-patch of mitred squares)  

I like to think I can hear jingles or see slogans or look at logos and judge them by their own merits and not by the merit of the product they are pushing. 

(That's a linen handtowel knit from...a yarn with some linen in it...and the pattern is also from Mason-Dixon)

And surely I am astute enough to recognize that a product's name is as much a part of the marketing strategy as the advertisement itself.

(And here are two Baby Genius burpcloths from Mason-Dixon, knit from Bernat Cottontots)

Apparently, however, all it takes is giving something a name that would appear in a thesaurus entry for the word "happiness" and I'm in.

Case in point, it was easy for me to purchase this wonderful yarn, because its name is...Wonderful (of blessed memory, from Ornaghi Filati).  It became a light but warm shawl knit in the kata lace rib pattern from Mindful Knitting by Tara Jon Manning.

Applauding, it seems, my love of things with happy names, these glads bloomed in our front yard a few weeks ago... They came with the house, absolutely free.

This blog entry is not a paid commercial endorsement...


Julie Nolte Owen said...

Love it! How clever and witty. My washer and dryer could not be the backdrop for a photo-shoot; they are not so shiny white and clean!

Jen said...

Well, that's how I ended up with the fantastik as part of it - I had to clean them first! :)