Thursday, February 05, 2009

Green Being Easy

With all due respect, Kermit, it is easy being green.  Just hop off the lily pad and start knitting this scarf.

The pattern is Palindrome, named after a word or phrase that spells the same thing forwards and backwards.  That's not easy.  And not necessarily green.  But this is.

Palindrome is a ribbed cable pattern that produces the same pattern on the front and back of the scarf so that it's completely reversible.  If I don't think too hard about it, I can just barely understand how the ribs allow the cables to appear on both sides (normally they only appear on one side, and the other side is smooth).  It's pretty easy - K2, P2 over and over again, with the occasional cable row thrown in (and even those are just K2, P2).  

And the green!  I don't know where the lily-pad-like longing came from, but I had such an urge to knit a green scarf!  I searched high and low for the perfect green, and ended up with this Cascade 220 in green heather.  I love that the heather doesn't darken but rather brightens the green with golden hues.

by Kevin Kummer

Green is the Maker's favorite color
to judge by where I walked today.
Not one shade or texture to be sure...

the fresh pale green of new grass thrusting
up through crusty earth
the almost yellow glow of moss beneath
the feet
dark holly, polished and mature, winter's 

Green is the canvas upon which the Maker paints
a profusion of living color -

crocus, purple and white lavender
laced with deep purple lines
primroses, yellow and pink
six-petaled stars of blue trumpeting
on tall stems...


Julie Nolte Owen said...

How beautiful your blog looks today with the updated photos and lots of green throughout from the Palindrome scarf! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished "lily pad" that wraps around your neck.

Mom said...

Wow- how beautiful and inspirational! I believe Monet must have used that same color in his water lilies!

I downloaded the pattern after we talked last Sunday and after seeing your pictures, I'm anxious to get started! It will not happen this eve, or even by noon. I'm also inspired to reread The "Poisonwood Bible."


Carrie Bevell Partridge said...