Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Ninth

Look!  It's a knitting post!

Turns out that knitting and sermon writing have an inverse relationship, in terms of getting things accomplished... However, you can share one-ninth of a blanket and have something to talk about, whereas one-ninth of a sermon is just a bunch of words with barely a thread to hold them together yet.

These four squares are one-ninth of a log cabin blanket - thirty-two more squares to go!  It's taken me a month-ish to knit them, so we should have a blanket by about this time next year.  

How like writing, though, is this project!  You start with a center point and know that you have several different ideas with which you want to color your work, and you have to plan where the ideas will start and stop and how you'll move seamlessly from one to the other.  The piece grows around the center, at times lopsided in one direction or another, at times coming round full circle.  Then just when you think you're done, you turn it over and find all the loose ends that need to be woven in to prevent the whole thing from unraveling... 

Photo: Julie Owen